Follador and the 2022 harvest

28 September 2022

Turning setbacks into opportunities in Conegliano Valdobbiadene.

The timing of the 2022 harvest of Conegliano Valdobbiadene is anticipated.

As everyone knows, thanks to extensive reporting throughout the media, the summer of 2022 was marked by exceptionally high temperatures and a worrying lack of rain. These conditions obviously impacted wine production and forced harvesting to be brought forward throughout Conegliano Valdobbiadene.

Despite the stress caused by these extreme water and heat conditions, the vines still produced grapes of outstanding quality, albeit in smaller quantities than in previous years, suggesting the wines will maintain the high standards of the area and will not disappoint connoisseurs.

Years like this one, which present more challenges due to the extreme weather conditions, can therefore become opportunities, with experience and good winemaking techniques giving well-balanced base wines that will become excellent sparkling wines with their own identity and freshness.

Fortunately, milder temperatures in September were a blessing for the ‘heroic’ harvest which, as tradition dictates, as well as the steep slopes typical of the areas which are home to the more superior vineyards, like those belonging to the Follador family, was carried out exclusively by hand.

Our vine-growing techniques are environmentally sustainable to help preserve the invaluable natural landscape of our hills for future generations. After all, respect for our terroir and its unique character is closely linked to the quality of the wines which, in our case, is further enhanced by the exclusive Gianfranco Follador Method™ which delivers fragrant Prosecco with outstanding sensory qualities.

The awards we have received both nationally and worldwide, like the recent Double Gold Medal given by Gilbert & Gaillard to three of Follador’s wines, make us optimistic about the future and spur us on to continue this great tradition of excellence.


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