Follador launches its new collection image

16 September 2021

A stylized portrayal of modernity and family values

The company from Valdobbiadene plays tribute to those who, with courage and determination, handed down family values and love for their terroir. Grandmother Cleofe and her son, Gianfranco Follador, feature on the new gift packages of the estate’s D.O.C.G. wines, against the beautiful background of the Prosecco hills, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The new collection image of Follador Prosecco dal 1769, an elegant portrait of times gone by, features the poignant image of grandmother Cleofe, elegant, tenacious and determined, with her son, Gianfranco Follador, one of the first sparkling wine producers in Valdobbiadene, on the new exclusive gift packaging of the company’s D.O.C.G. wines.

The great winemaking tradition of the Follador family now has a charming new image: a tribute to the values which have guided no fewer than nine generations and their love for their terroir, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in their production of fine wines.

The unique cultural landscape is represented in the background, while the two subjects, with their fine, delicate features, are dressed in their Sunday best and hold the latest glass produced by the company with its logo.

The marrying of the old and the new is reiterated in the striking details: Cleofe is partly covered by a billowing scarf with a black and white diamond motif, a nod to the signature rhombus shape of the Follador labels which is used on all the current packaging.

The countryside behind them is portrayed using the oil painting technique, with some local landmarks easy to make out. At the top left are the Credazzo Towers, a fortified complex dating back to the Early Middle Ages, which dominate the family’s vineyards; just below the towers is the farmhouse used by the company for meetings and tastings, and on the right is a glimpse of the ancient 13th-century church of San Lorenzo which is also surrounded by vineyards.

We want to convey the importance of family and the beauty of our hills to our wine connoisseurs. Art is emotion and shares our philosophy of beauty and excellence – says Cristina Follador, the company’s Sales & Marketing Director – our aim is to look back on our past and celebrate it in the present in a new and innovative way.”

The new gift tubes, lined with tissue paper, are adorned with historical references and information about the area and come in four colours, a different one for each D.O.C.G.: Cru TORRI DI CREDAZZO, Extra Dry RUIOL CASTEI, Brut NANI DEI BERTI and Extra Brut XZERO. Four bookmarks, with the characteristics of the individual wines on them, are also included, acting as a ribbon and seal.

The new collection image, produced by graphic designer Giuseppe Burgio of Treviso under the direction of Cristina Follador, is the estate’s third foray into the world of art. This latest project endorses the company’s creative partnership with the worlds of art and illustration after its previous successes with the British artist Gary Redford and his image of the exclusive Venice Simplon – Orient – Express train.

The Follador Prosecco winemaking tradition dates back more 250 years, when the Doge of Venice Alvise IV Mocenigo recognised the quality of the wines produced by ancestor Giovanni Follador who, all those years ago, decided to convert all the land he owned into vineyards, heralding the beginning of a story which continues to this day.


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