Results of the Follador Prosecco 2023 harvest

18 October 2023


Grapes with abundant aromatic compounds herald a vintage with excellent potential.

With the harvest now concluded, it is time to take stock and make some predictions about the 2023 vintage. Despite the stormy weather that characterized early summer, we can say we are very satisfied with the harvest in terms of quality.
In fact, this year the vines have had to deal with alternating periods of drought endured in the first months of the year, interspersed with weeks marked by heavy downpours. And in some areas of the Conegliano Valdobbiadene winegrowing area, violent hailstorms meant vines struggled during the early stages of development.
Fortunately, the weather then settled down and became favourable for robust plant growth: thanks to the expertise of our growers and commitment to a farming system that champions environmental sustainability, our vineyards rebounded from these initial setbacks, showing good leaf growth which favoured a recovery of the maturation process.
We were thus able to start our “heroic harvest” at the ideal moment for hand-picking the clusters – a tradition we have upheld since 1769. Among the steep hillsides of the Follador family vineyards, in the heart of the Prosecco area, our team worked with their usual precision and strong sense of teamwork, and the results achieved are particularly interesting.
The grapes possess the right sugar content, but above all they are rich in acids and aromatic compounds. We therefore expect an excellent vintage this year, as confirmed by our oenologist Federico Salvador:
“The vintage offers excellent prospects. Although the vines had to endure adverse weather events in some areas, the harvest has turned out to be very good. Well diversified grape ripening across different areas meant we were able to choose just the right moment to carry out our activities. The base sparkling wines feature a beautiful liveliness and olfactory complexity. We should add that the right technologies, coupled with a strong commitment to carrying out procedures in the best possible ways, are today key ingredients to ensure successful oenological outcomes.”
This season has been marked by many challenges which have required much hard work. But thanks to our extensive experience and the depth of oenological culture our region boasts, we’ve managed to obtain a well-balanced raw material.
With our exclusive Gianfranco Follador Method®, we know how to amaze our admirers by crafting sparkling wines of great character – wines which are fine ambassadors of the personality of a brand that shines on both the national and international stage.


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