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10 June 2022

Follador Prosecco among the best Italian Sparkling Wines

A strong, united family is the secret behind the history and success of this centuries-old company. Follador Prosecco dal 1769 now ranks among the most prestigious producers in the “Italian Wines” section of the ‘Guida de L’Espresso 2022’, one of the most selective and authoritative Italian food and wine guides.

The name Follador Prosecco now features among the top 100 sparkling wines in the Italian Wines section of the ‘Guida de L’Espresso 2022’, one of the most widely consulted and accredited guides in the country.

Compiled to help visitors to restaurants and wine shops choose quickly and easily, the Guide has selected some of the best labels from the Prosecco hills, a World Heritage Site, recommending the sensory experience of the outstanding D.O.C.G. wines from the famous producer from Col San Martino.

“Our family was one of the first in the area to start producing spumante and to be acknowledged as one of the best sparkling wines in Italy in the authoritative ‘Guida de l’Espresso’ is a source of great satisfaction and pride to us - said Cristina Follador, the company’s Sales & Marketing Director – the values which have been handed down from generation to generation in our family remain with us as we grow and are an inspiration for our innovation and research: sharing and integrating have always been one of the pillars of our family’s philosophy and prompted us to make wines which everyone can enjoy, even those who follow special diets, like vegans”.

The Follador brand is a guarantee of quality in the world of sparkling wines, thanks to its terroir which is ideal for this kind of product. The vineyards, located in the centre of the Prosecco production area, can rely on the favourable microclimate and the perfect composition of the clayey and rocky soil, key to producing a range of wines with a fine bead and rich bouquet. And thanks to the Gianfranco Follador™ Method, the company’s unique vinification process which gives the wines their exclusivity, all their organoleptic qualities are enhanced on the palate, maintaining the great tradition of excellence.

Producing fine wines also requires team spirit and a deep sense of belonging to the local area and its traditions, respecting the values of this beautiful land. What gives the Follador family the edge is that they all work towards the same goal: to take their wines to all four corners of the globe and create new opportunities both at home and abroad.

Follador wines are the result of over two centuries of skill and expertise. Praise for the quality of the wines produced by Giovanni Follador first came from the Doge of Venice, Alvise IV Mocenigo, in 1769 and since then the family has pursued its passion for winemaking, working with attention and determination to become a benchmark for Italian sparkling wines.


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