Equalitas Certification

Equalitas represents the gold standard in sustainability certification within the Italian wine supply chain. Developed by Federdoc (the Voluntary Consortium for the Protection of Italian Wines), it draws together various initiatives in the wine value chain. The standard focuses on good practices and integrated indicators, thus ensuring a sustainable approach to the entire winemaking process, from grape growing right through to bottling.

For Follador Prosecco, sustainability is more than just an ideal – it’s a fundamental principle that guides every decision we make in production. The exceptional quality of our wines owes much to the generosity of nature within the Conegliano-Valdobbiadene region. It inspires us to respect and preserve this precious gift through responsible practices. It is with this firmly in mind that we have adopted the guidelines of Equalitas certification, a recognition that focuses on overall sustainability in the wine supply chain, involving winegrowers, winemakers and bottlers.

Equalitas certification is voluntary, yet enormously significant. It celebrates a holistic approach to sustainability which extends from ethical economic practices to respect for workers' rights, to protecting biodiversity and reducing our carbon and water footprints. Equalitas helps guide us towards achieving a delicate balance between respect for our region and the optimization of resources, fostering practices that benefit both the environment and local communities, in perfect harmony with our commitment to upholding transparent and responsible business ethics.

By seeking to ensure clear and shared communication on sustainability, Follador establishes itself as a pioneer in the adoption of sustainable standards in the sector.

Compliance with regulations is in our DNA. We abide scrupulously by the requirements of the DOCG standard The Consortium's standards and our path towards sustainability are transparent and accountable. Equalitas encourages companies to draw up Sustainability Reports annually. These reports outline policies for improvement, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to sustainable practices with the aim of achieving Equalitas certification by 2025.

Join us on this journey towards a greener and more sustainable future. We don't just produce prosecco; we are shaping a world where every sip is a step towards preserving the environment.

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