Our commitment to sustainability throughout the
Wine Supply Chain And Beyond

At Follador Prosecco, we do not just craft prestigious prosecco – we are also committed to creating a sustainable future. By joining the Sustainable Wine program, we are extending our commitment well beyond the bottle. Our holistic management system safeguards ecosystems and protects the environment at every stage of the winemaking process.

Environmental Objectives

Consistent with the Follador family’s philosophy, our ambitious investment strategy focuses on achieving the six environmental objectives set out in Regulation (EU) 852/2020. From mitigating climate change to promoting a circular economy, we are committed to creating a business which is sustainable in the long term. Eco-friendly winemaking that respects Nature.

We have adopted environmentally sustainable practices to ensure greater protection of the environment. Currently at Follador Prosecco, we use mainly recycled glass, cardboard and paper labels. We give all production waste a second life, thus contributing to the circular economy. Through our partnerships with specialist recycling businesses, we are reducing our environmental footprint.

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Equalitas logo
Equalitas Certification

Equalitas represents the gold standard in sustainability certification within the Italian wine supply chain. Developed by Federdoc (the Voluntary Consortium for the Protection of Italian Wines), it draws together various initiatives in the wine value chain. The standard focuses on good practices and integrated indicators, thus ensuring a sustainable approach to the entire winemaking process, from grape growing right through to bottling.

Solar panels and
Green Energy

By installing photovoltaic panels in January 2024, we demonstrated our conscious commitment towards a sustainable future, with the ambition of making our production 100% green by 2025.

Our solar panel installation is managed using the Regalgrid® platform, which provides clear advantages: greater savings, enhanced services, green energy and self-consumption.

Real-time monitoring of energy consumption and the photovoltaic system allows us to have a clear overview of our energy usage and better understand the behaviour of our business assets, allowing us to optimize the performance of our production and storage systems by reducing energy waste.

solar panels
Innovation and Sustainability
Cutting-edge Technology

At the heart of Follador's innovation drive lies cutting-edge machinery that allows us to fulfil our commitment to the environment.

In particular, our most recent investment is our wine Decanter, an outstanding piece of state-of-the-art technology and a cornerstone of the innovation process we are conducting within the winery. It guarantees high-quality extraction and clarification of the must, eliminates the need for adjuvants, and effectively replaces different equipment with a single, high-performance system. In practice, this machine optimizes the winemaking process and minimizes its environmental impact. It achieves this by reducing the amount of water used during the final wash phase and eliminating the need to dispose of adjuvants, which are classed as special waste and necessary when using conventional techniques.

Thanks to its ability to process must in a continuous cycle, the GEA decanter promises to deliver a swift return on investment, significantly contributing to the sustainability of our entire wine production process.

This technology not only optimizes wine production, but does so with an eye towards tomorrow – a clear demonstration of how excellence and sustainability can proceed hand in hand towards the future.