Following on from the investment plan for the installation of a new Decanter and photovoltaic panels, Follador Prosecco joins the Sustainable Wine program and starts the Equalitas certification process, which will see the business implement an entirely eco-sustainable winemaking model by 2025. This complex project will be officially presented at Vinitaly, Stand F4 – Hall 5, which takes place from 14 to 17 April in Verona.

From the adoption of the Sustainable Wine program to Equalitas certification process, and from the recent installation of photovoltaic panels managed using the Regalgrid® platform to the latest-generation wine Decanter – a real technological masterpiece. Follador Prosecco's commitment to a sustainable future is making giant strides, with the roll-out of a project that will see production entirely transformed to a green model by 2025.

In keeping with the philosophy of the Follador family, the business has embarked upon an ambitious investment plan, following the Sustainable Wine program (Sustainability Management System) in order to achieve the six environmental objectives as set out in regulation (EU) 852/2020.

These include measures ranging from controlled water usage, the transition towards a circular economy, the prevention of pollution, and the protection of biodiversity: thus Follador Prosecco's commitment extends beyond the bottle to include the implementing of a management system that safeguards ecosystems and protects the environment at every stage of the winemaking process.

Added to this is the business’s voluntary adoption of the Equalitas guidelines, the sustainability certification par excellence, which focuses on the wine supply chain, from growers to producers and bottlers.

Equalitas certification is voluntary yet enormously significant for the winery based in Col San Martino in northeast Italy. It champions a holistic approach to sustainability which extends from economic practices and respect for workers' rights, to reducing carbon and water footprints. Developed by Federdoc (The Voluntary Consortium for the Protection of Italian Wines), Equalitas provides a framework for achieving a delicate balance between respect for the land and optimization of resources, fostering practices that benefit both the environment and local communities, in perfect harmony with the business’s commitment to upholding transparent and responsible business ethics.

“By seeking to share clearly our position on sustainability, Follador Prosecco has established itself as a pioneer in the adoption of eco-friendly and sustainable standards in the sector,” states Cristina Follador, the company’s sales and marketing director. “The quality of our Prosecco DOCG owes much to the generosity of the land that surrounds us. And this inspires us to respect and preserve this gift by upholding responsible practices, and underscores our belief in a future that sees excellence and sustainability going hand in hand."

Along with the recently installed photovoltaic panels controlled by the Regalgrid® platform for optimizing energy consumption, central to Follador Prosecco's innovation drive is the new Wine Decanter: a state-of-the-art machine that ensures the extraction and clarification of high-quality must, whilst also eliminating the need for adjuvants (classed as special waste) and reducing water usage during final wash cycles.

The major investment plan undertaken by Follador Prosecco integrates seamlessly into a long-established corporate philosophy – one which also encompasses day-to-day production processes, including the use of predominantly glass, cardboard and paper labels from recycled raw materials and partnerships with specialist recycling businesses. For some time now, the Follador family has adopted a specific protocol on the use of pesticide treatments – a protocol further developed by local authorities in accordance with the 'UNESCO ADOPTION' Regional Planning and Management project (PAT), which seeks to protect the Conegliano – Valdobbiadene UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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