The homeland of

History of Prosecco

The homeland of Prosecco is a specific hilly area of the Veneto Region: Conegliano Valdobbiadene. Since 2019 it has been a Unesco World Heritage Site thanks to its inestimable value as a "cultural landscape". This territory has always been the setting for our company, with its green vineyards that spread visibly over the hills and the generous grapes from which the Prosecco we all know is born.


Conegliano Valdobbiadene


Obtained from Glera grape, Prosecco is distinguished for its fruity and fragrant wine characteristics with a delicate nose. The Prosecco vine is hardy and vigorous with quite large, long grape clusters of golden yellow. The wine itself demonstrates a straw-yellow colour with greenish hue overlay. The nose offers a fragrant bouquet, including golden apples, citrus fruits and fresh plants, interspersed with lilac and acacia flowers.

With the right soil composition, hills well exposed to sunlight, abundant and frequent rainfall, constant mild temperatures between April and October, and marked temperature changes during the ripening season, there simply is no better place to produce this wine.
This perfect blend of climate, morphology, and soil composition combined with the long history of winemaking has resulted in superior wines of exceptional substance. In fact, there’s yet to be found any other wine area so perfectly suited to developing wines with the fragrant, complex aromas of Prosecco.

The Follador Family's vineyards extend into the heart of this chosen area.

Prosecco is mainly produced as a sparkling wine in either the fully sparkling (spumante) or lightly sparkling (frizzante) varieties. Depending on their sweetness, Proseccos are labelled "Extra Brut" (0-3g of residual sugar), “Brut” (up to 12 g), “Extra Dry” (12-20g) or “Dry” (20-35g).

Unlike champagne, appreciated for its rich taste and complex secondary aromas, most Prosecco variants have intense primary aromas and are meant to taste fresh and light. The flavour has been described as intensely aromatic and crisp, bringing to mind yellow apple, pear, white peach, apricot and even lilac and acacia flowers. The nose offers a fragrant bouquet, including golden apples, citrus fruits and fresh plants, interspersed with lilac and acacia flowers.


Gianfranco Follador Method™

Our Method

Follador guarantees a product that is up to the most demanding of connoisseurs tastes, and this is owed to the exclusive application of the Gianfranco Follador MethodTM. It is a proprietary method we use, which provides specific steps in the initial phase of winemaking.

Follador was the first company in Valdobbiadene to experiment with the Krios system, which involves the use of equipment to convey grapes as soon as they come out of the crusher. Inside the machine the temperature is reduced drastically, which in turn reduces the oxidizing effect of oxygen.

The subsequent passage of cryo-maceration allows us to bring out the many organoleptic properties of the skins, making the wine more structured, fresh, and full of personality.
The “bubbles” happen inside autoclaves according to the Charmat method where the addition of selected yeasts start the sparkling process.  This lasts a minimum of 20 days for demi-sparkling wines and up to a maximum of 30 days for sparkling wines. It is the refining phase that takes the longest amount of time – up to 6 months (Long Charmat) – which gives the product a much finer and more persistent perlage. This brings greater elegance and a superior bouquet and taste.


Charmat Method

Prosecco is produced using the Charmat Method, also called Martinotti or Italian Method, in which the secondary fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks. Here, carbonation occurs biologically from the decomposition of sugar from added yeasts.
The must then undergoes slow fermentation in pressurized, stainless steel tanks (autoclaves). To achieve the proper balance of flavour, aroma, elegance, consistency and fine perlage, the wine is kept in these tanks from 20 days (frizzanti) to 3 months, and can go up to 6 months for Cru and Prestige.

sugar free

Sugar Free Prosecco

Still demanding excellence.

If you are looking for an outstanding Prosecco with a low sugar content, we recommend our XZERO Extra Brut D.O.C.G. and Kleofe, both characterful vintage wines produced using our exclusive Gianfranco Follador ™ winemaking method.

Our Extra Brut D.O.C.G. has an energy value of 264 KJ / 65 Kcal and residual sugar of 0 grams/litre, therefore totally absent; Kleofe has an energy value of 267 KJ, just 66 Kcal a glass, and residual sugar of only 3 grams/litre.

The Extra Brut is a Superiore wine with distinctive mineral notes, it is delicate and pleasantly dry; Kleofe is fresh and fragrant, agreeably dry and irresistible. Both represent the excellence of our land and are guaranteed to please anyone who wants a unique Prosecco with an extremely low or non-existent sugar content but still demands excellence.

vegan friendly

Vegan Friendly Prosecco

Perfect for every lifestyle

Those who follow a vegan diet can peacefully taste all our products, because Follador guarantees the total absence of ingredients of animal origin.

We have always been very attentive to the groups of consumers who manifest particular needs, including the many people with a particular sensitivity to issues of ecology and the protection of biodiversity.

Our flawless management of the entire supply chain is evidenced by the FSSC 22000 certification issued by IQNet, the most important and reliable institution in the international arena.

Our admirers know they are tasting a product that is not only exquisite, but also fully compliant with the strictest regulations, constantly subjected to rigorous controls, suitable for every lifestyle and every diet, in line with the expectations of a demanding and informed clientele.


Prosecco Production

Prosecco, from the vineyards to the bubbles

Prosecco grapes are harvested early to maintain high acid levels. Grapes destined for sparkling wine production are hand-harvested at higher yields with great care. The press house is located near the vineyard in order to keep the must at the appropriate temperature.

Before proceeding with primary fermentation, Follador uses cryomaceration to ensure the highest quality sparkling wine base.

The primary fermentation begins by adding select varietal yeasts. This first fermentation is quick (max 8-10 days), at 18° in order to maintain the fruitiness of the grapes. The Prosecco can then be blended with other grape varieties like “Perera”, “Bianchetta” and “Verdiso”. These varieties provide the right balance, making excellent “Cuvée” as well as a perfect base for Prosecco sparkling wine.

One of the by products of fermentation is the creation of carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide comes from the transformation of sugar into alcohol through the addition of selected yeasts. Once the yeasts are added, the must undergoes further slow fermentation in autoclaves (Charmat Method)


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